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Honours Bachelor of Applied Science in Psychology & Diploma in General Arts & Science

In the Psychology Program, you will examine foundational and current theories to explore the diverse domains that shape our understanding of human thought, feeling and behaviour.

Our Program offers a combination of theory and applied learning:  You will acquire foundational knowledge while at the same time gain hands-on experience.  This provides you a platform from which you can further your studies in Psychology at the graduate level, or immediately enter the workforce upon graduation.

Beyond the classroom exist many more opportunities, including research assistantships, field study, individualized study, and participation in various extra-curricular forums and events.


In your first year, you will receive a background in key concepts of psychology, and exposure to foundational courses.

In your second year, you will take a variety of psychology and elective courses which will prepare you for the opportunities that lie ahead.  You may choose one of three areas of emphasis - Business, Human Services, or Justice Studies - that will allow you to apply your knowledge to a field complementary to psychology.

In your third and fourth years, you can participate in the Applied Study in Psychology course - a work placement opportunity at a community mental health agency; our field course in Northern Ontario to study Aboriginal mental health; or our international pscyhology course exploring evolutionary and cultural psychology in Ecuador.  In your fourth year, you will choose between an honours seminar or thesis option, allowing more detailed investigation into a specific topic in psychology.

Psychology Program Highlights

Workplace experience built into the program
Through the Applied Study in Psychology course you will combine academic study with a minimum of 60 hours of workplace experience.
Field Study
Travel to Ontario's far north to explore the mental health challenges faced by indigenous populations and the treatments available in the James and Hudson Bay region.  Learn directly from community members, Elders, Traditional Healers, and other mental health professionals about the dynamic history and resilience of Ontario's northern indigenous peoples.  Join Psychology Program Head, Dr. David Danto, in this unique and profound northern experience.
Study Abroad
Retrace Darwin's steps in Ecuador to investigate his theory of natural selection and the field of Evolutionary Psychology.  Expand your learning with an examination of Cultural Psychology as it applies to local Ecuadorian customs and traditions.  Travel with Psychology Assistant Program Head, Dr. Sonja Embree, on this unique nature versus nurture adventure in South America.
Common Time
Mondays 2:30pm - 4:00pm in GH124
An opportunity for students across all years of the program to interact academically and socially. Throughout the fall and winter semesters, weekly events include workshops on topics such as planning your education in psychology, applying to graduate school, and GRE preparation.  You will also have the opportunity to hear from notable guest lecturers, while interacting with members of the UofGH Psych Society, and representatives from the Guelph-Humber Student Association and Canadian Psychology Association.