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Student Financial Services

Tuition and Fees

The University of Guelph-Humber operates on a semester billing system. This means students pay tuition and other fees prior to the beginning of each semester.

Paying Your Tuition & Fees

Your fees for Fall 2014 will be available to view on WebAdvisor on July 24, 2014.

Mandatory non-refundable $200 deposit is due on August 8, 2014 for all students.

Full tuition for Fall 2014 must be paid by Friday, September 12, 2014.

Tuition and fees can be paid through WebAdvisor using a credit card. All credit card payments made through WebAdvisor will be processed through

You can also pay through your bank in person, online or via telephone banking. You must register the University of Guelph-Humber as the payee and use your seven digit student number as the account number. If your bank/credit union does not accept the University of Guelph-Humber as the payee you can also use the University of Guelph. Do not use Humber College as the payee.

Please note:

  • A late fee of $60 will be charged to accounts that are not settled by the tuition deadline date.
  • Deregistration will occur after the deadline dates if payment is not made in full. If you have any questions please contact

Academic Load

Your tuition and fees will depend on how many credits you are registered for in each semester.

  • Full Time

    The normal full-time semester load for academic programs is 2.50 credits except where otherwise prescribed by the schedule of studies. All students register in 2.00 (or more) credits in any given semester are considered full time.

    Part Time

  • A student who is registered in fewer than 2.00 credits in a semester is considered to be part time.

Watch the following video produced by Learning Support Peer and Media Studies student, Leviana Coccia. She offers step-by-step instruction on how to pay tuition and other fees.

Domestic Tuition Rates

Program Tuition per semester for the 2014-15 academic year
Business $3,951.92
Early Childhood $3,010.90
Family & Community Social Services $3,010.90
Justice Studies $3,010.90
Kinesiology $3,010.90
Media Studies $3,010.90
Psychology $3,010.90

Please click here to see fees for your cohort year.

Compulsory Non-Tuition Related Fees

University Fee Full Time Per 0.5 Credit
Athletic Fee $85.64 $17.13
Administrative Services $59.06 $11.81
Convocation Fee $16.24 $3.25
Photo ID $5.08 $1.02
Technology Fee $95.08 $19.02
Library Collection Fee $5.52 $1.10
Transcript Fee $2.39 $0.48
Leadership & Transition Fee $7.80 $1.56
Facilities/Maintenance $41.00 $8.20
Health Centre Funding $6.77 $1.35
Alumni Fee $3.75 $0.75
Total University Fees $328.33 $65.67
Student Fees Full Time
Insurance - Dental $52.04
Student Activity $107.75
Total Student Fees $159.79
University and Student Fees Full Time Per 0.5 Credit
Total University and Student Fees $488.12 $65.67

Miscellaneous Fees (non-mandatory)

Fee Summer (May-September) Fall & Winter (September-May)
Distance Education Resource Fee $75.00/course $75.00/course
On-Campus Parking $293.25 $578.01
Off-Campus Parking NA $352.56
Locker $12.50 $25.00

International and Visa Student Tuition*

The most efficient means for an international student to pay student fees is through Western Union’s Bank to Bank Transfer. This option allows you to pay the Canadian dollar student fees in the currency of your choice and provides you with a simple and secure way of initiating a payment electronically.

Program Tuition University Fees
Business $10,124.74 $488.12
Early Childhood $9,214.48 $488.12
Family & Community Social Services $9,214.48 $488.12
Justice Studies $9,214.48 $488.12
Kinesiology $9,214.48 $488.12
Media Studies $9,214.48 $488.12
Psychology $9,214.48 $488.12

*All international/visa students are required to purchase UHIP. There will be a $300 charge for Summer 2014.  International and VISA students are eligibile for domestic tuition and fee rates if any of the following situations apply.

International and VISA students are eligible for domestic tuition and fee rates if any of the following situations apply:

  • Students whose immigration status changes to that of a Canadian Citizen, Permanent Resident, or Protected Person while they are a student.
  • Students who are diplomatic or consular officers of another country or representatives of the United Nations or its agencies who are stationed in Canada, or their dependents.
  • Students who are visitors in Canada on an employment authorization or their dependents.
  • Students who are members of foreign military forces admitted to Canada under the Visiting Forces Act and their dependents.

The descriptions above are brief statements synopsized from the regulations of the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. Final interpretation rests with Registrarial Services and documentation must be acceptable to Registrarial Services. The regulations are subject to change without notice.

Students must present acceptable official documentation to Student Financial Services in GH112. To effect a change of fees in a particular semester, the documentation must be presented prior to June 30 (Summer Semester), November 1 (Fall Semester), or February 1 (Winter Semester).

Part Time Tuition Rates

  Tuition Fees Total
Domestic students (all programs) $601.51 $65.67 $667.18
International/Visa (business program) $2,024.95 $65.67 $2,090.62*
International/Visa (all other programs) $1,842.91 $65.67 $1,908.58*

*All international/visa students are required to purchase UHIP. The charge will be added to your fall tuition and is $684 for part-time students in 2013-2014.

For part time courses of a different credit weight please see here.

Residence Fees for 2014-15

The following is the student residence and dining plan rate fee schedule for 2014-15.

Room Type

Room Rate

Dining Plan




$2,350 regular




$2,850 medium




$3,400 large


Suite Style


$2,350 regular


Suite Style


$2,850 medium


Suite Style


$3,400 large


Please note that June 8, 2014 is the last day to cancel your room and dining plan without penalty. If you cancel your room or dining plan after this date, you will have to pay a $500 withdrawal fee.