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Academic Services

Closures, Cancellations & Emergencies


If the campus closes due to hazardous weather or emergency situations, announcements are made on the website's homepage, local radio stations and on the University's mainline. Classes cancelled due to inclement weather may be rescheduled upon agreement of students in the class. Faculty are responsible for arranging any rescheduled classes and for clearing the availability of classroom space with Registrarial Services.

Class Cancellations

Please notify your Faculty Support Officer and Program Head if you need to cancel a class. To make up for the missed class time, faculty often choose to add time to the beginning or end of class and others plan a make-up class. Whichever method you choose, it must meet the needs of everyone in your class. Please consult with your Program Head.


In an emergency situation, contact Security by calling ext. 4000 from a University of Guelph-Humber phone. The yellow emergency phones, located at the entrance of the administrative offices on each of the four floors, and the Blue Phones located around the exterior of the campus are a free call to Security. Security's non-emergency number is ext 8500.

For more information on emergency procedures, please refer to the Instructor Handbook.

Fire Alarm

When you hear a fire alarm, remain calm and evacuate the building immediately by the nearest safe exit. Do not use the elevator. Walk to your exit and close the doors behind you. Once outside the building, remain outside until authorized to return by staff or the Fire Department.